Gardeners Corner!

Garden Ideas for Using Old Items that Hang Around – Save Landfill!

  • Don’t buy plastic pots for seeds and seedlings – use egg boxes and old paper cups.
  • Plastic bottles cut in half  make great mini-greenhouses.
  • Old wheelie bins make compost bins and water butts and storage bins. Or build a compost bin from pallets.
  • Improve the ecosystem by using buckets and sinks and bathtubs as ponds – encourage frogs and toads, which eat slugs. Add pond weed and a couple of logs.
  • Train your climbers up an old ladder.Have you thought of ‘gutter gardening’? Attach guttering to your garden walls or fences, to grow herbs or strawberries, etc in horizontal rows. is a BRILLIANT website – crammed with info and things to do in your garden to support nature.