Areas of Assessment

Worship and teaching - this could include prayer, liturgy, children’s groups, bible study materials, outdoor worship, preaching, special services, seasons, youth groups, hymns and songs, meditation, muddy church

Management of church buildings - this could include sustainable church buildings,insulation, smart heating controls, renewable tariffs, double glazing, draughts, LEDs,water, recycling, cleaning products, travel, solar power, air source heating

Management of church land - this could include biodiversity in the churchyard, wildlife surveys, bugs, bats, hedgehogs, birds, lichen, trees, wildflowers, mowing, chemicals,graves, composting, growing veg, orchards, allotments, community access, ponds,guerrilla gardening 

Community and global engagement - this could include contacting your MP, inviting speakers, working with local groups on common causes, litter picking, beach clean-ups,green events, campaigning, Fairtrade, amplifying change, divestment, overseas links

Lifestyle – you can think about carbon footprints, recycling, waste, plastics, ethicalinvestment, travel, shopping, LOAF meals, an ethical diet, switching to renewable energy